How to clear the energy

Smoke cleansing allows us to better connect with ourselves, the earth and the world around us.  It is also an excellent way to tap into our internal power and create a more zen, grounded space within and without.

  1. To begin, set the intention for your smoke cleansing ritual.  There are no limitations as to what you can request; however common supplications are to release anything or anyone that is no longer at your service and to welcome the energy that is connected to your greatest and highest good.   
  2. Gently fill the abalone with enough black sand to protect the iridescent inner shell.  Using the candle, light your sacred bundle.  Allow it to smolder.  
  3. Place the sacred smoke stick in the abalone shell (to catch stray ashes), and use your feather to waft the smoke around yourself so that you may walk through life in light.  
  4. Repeating the intention you set, guide the incense smoke to each corner of your space.
  5. Once you have cleansed your space, extinguish the smoldering plant essence.  Offer gratitude to the peaceful and calm energy that has replaced the stagnant energy.

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