Energy cleansing tools for your spiritual expansion.

We bring you high vibe, sustainably sourced aura clearing tools that elevate your rituals and bring you into energetic alignment.  We believe in honoring the traditions + practices of ancient earth wisdom in modern form.

I opened my signature smudge kit today. Oh my goodness. Soooo much love and good vibes poured over me the moment I opened this beautifully handcarved box. I am truly in awe. If you are considering a Heritage Apothecary smudge kit, I know you will love yours just as much as I love mine.🖤


Heritage Apothecary is seriously gamechanging to my self-care routine💗


We just moved into a new house and I wanted to cleanse it with sage to make sure we have positive energies in our new home. This smudge kit has been absolutely perfect! First of all, my kit arrived quicker than I could have expected. The box is marvelous! So beautiful and elegant! The sage and lavender have a wonderful scent. The abalone shell is a perfect touch, so dainty and flawless. After cleansing my house using this smudge kit, I immediately felt a more positive vibe. It absolutely feels more like home now. Thank you so much for making this amazing kit. Definitely a great purchase!


Sacred Smoke

handmade artisanal incense.

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We believe in nurturing nature

so that nature can nurture us back.