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Heritage Apothecary exists to support your journey to becoming the fullest expression of your highest self.  We know how it feels to be stuck in the muck of negative energy!  So Heritage products were created to help you transcend your energetic blocks and return to alignment. 

You may have heard that smudging cleanses and purifies your body and your space.  But did you also know that our sacred plant allies can banish energetic debris to create a clear pathway for communication between you and the universe?  These powerful plant teachers intercede on your behalf and carry your intentions to the universe for clarity and confirmation.

Whether you’re in need of more peace in your home, to release patterns of negative self-talk, to cut energetic cords that are draining your energy, or maybe you’re wanting to create a more zen grounded space, we’ve curated something to be of service to you.

We hope that you use our  products to shed your conditioning, unveil the power within and live within the most authentic expression of your creativity.  After all, it’s your birthright!



We believe in people over profit - which is why we donate to Trees For The Future with each order we receive.  Your purchase through Heritage Apothecary contributes to the forest agriculture program at Trees For The Future in which farmers of Sub Saharan Africa are given the education and crops they need to create flourishing businesses for themselves and their families.  100% of carbon emissions are offset for each purchase shipped.


Meet the Founder.

Hi, I’m Jessica and I created Heritage Apothecary, a line of home & energy balancing products in 2016. Inspired by my grandmothers’ stories of a long lineage of creative women gleaning all of our needs from the land, my goal through Heritage is to honor the beauty and sacred nature of plants in a contemporary way. I create high vibrational manifestation tools for you- the modern mystic. Welcome to the Heritage tribe, love. So glad you’re here.