A release ceremony makes use of the transformational power of fire to burn away emotional blockages.  You’ll need paper, a pen, a fireproof container, fire and water.

To begin, write down on paper what’s been keeping you stagnant and blocking your peace- whatever’s weighing you down spiritually that needs to be cleansed and cleared.  You can write one word or a paragraph, follow your intuition for this.

In a well ventilated and safe place, speak aloud your intention (what you’re releasing and what you’re welcoming in its place) and ignite the piece of paper.

Drop the paper into a fireproof bowl or firepit, always keeping a container of water on hand to extinguish the flames if need be.  Allow yourself to experience the emotions that you’re releasing and then let them go- allow them to be carried away by the smoke of the flames.

Surrender to the peace of knowing that the universe has your best intent and conspires to bring you more love, joy and abundance.

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  • Thankyou Jess , For The Full Moon release..I will use , on the Harvest Moon. BLESS IT BE . WOMAN EMPOWERING WOMEN.

    Garnet Muller on

  • Thank you so much for sending me this you have no idea how much I need this and I thank you again from my heart and soul ❤️❤️

    LIsa on

  • Thank you 💚

    Ather on

  • Thank you for this suggestion. I truly need to do this!!

    Stephanie on

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