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The Surrender Flow

A 15 Min Yoga Flow To Try Today

Throughout 2020 there have been so many situations that were out of our control. The good thing is, we’re able to control some pretty key things in our world- ourselves, our choices and our rituals! In an effort to finish the year strong (we only have 90 days left- can you believe it?),  Victory Jones (@srvj) created this yoga flow for us.

The Surrender yoga flow is a beautiful way for us to get anchored in the moment and just love and nurture our bodies, minds and spirits! Will you give it a try and let me know how you like it? There’s a super cute cameo by Victory’s furry friend that is just too adorable🐾  Let me know when you spot him!

PS- If you’d like to practice surrendering as part of your daily ritual, check out the surrender kit

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  • I love the Yoga Flow! Ms. Jones is a wonderful teacher.

    Trish on

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Beautiful, lovingly crafted product, excellent customer service. Thank you so much!


Gorgeous, intense, intricate, feminine and I can't wait to experience all this kit has to offer. Thank you, your work is beautiful!


Even more gorgeous in person. Arrived promptly in gorgeous, eco friendly packaging. Everything arrived intact. 💛☀️


Jess was amazing at getting in touch with me and making sure the product arrived and in good condition! She is an awesome business owner and I would recommend her shop to anyone for their spiritual needs :) thank you!!