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How to Burn Your Incense Cones

1) Place the incense cone on top of a layer of sand in your abalone shell (or heat-proof bowl). 2) Light the tip of the incense cone.  3) Gently blow or fan the flame to extinguish it.  The tip of ...

How To Use An Aura Cleansing Mist

Energy cleansing allows us to better connect with ourselves, the earth and the world around us. It is also an excellent way to tap into our internal power and create a more zen, grounded space with...

3 Easy Ways to Add Joy to Your Daily Routines

Most of us live busy lives. Often, we're so busy juggling tasks and responsibilities that we forget to take the time to do the things that bring us happiness. Unfortunately, a lack of joy in your d...

The Surrender Yoga Flow

A 15 Min Yoga Flow To Try Today Throughout 2020 there have been so many situations that were out of our control. The good thing is, we’re able to control some pretty key things in our world- ourse...

How To Set Intentions

By setting your intentions, you’re activating your magnetism, creating space to draw in that which best supports your soul, and speeding up your manifestations.