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Humans have been harnessing the moon’s magic for centuries. As a symbol of feminine energy, the moon and its lunar cycle have traditionally been used by women of many cultures to track and understand menstrual cycles.

However, today, we have mostly fallen out of touch with the cues nature provides. Technology and artificial lights have ended our dependence on the lunar cycle and severed the connection to the moon’s guiding energy that we used to enjoy. Without this channel of access to the body’s natural wisdom, maintaining inner harmony is much more difficult.

Reconnecting yourself with the ebb and flow of the lunar cycle can help you keep your energy balanced when hormones and feelings fluctuate during that time of the month. You can resynchronize your cycle with nature by paying attention to the phases of the moon and letting the moon’s journey play a more intentional role in your life.

The Moon Cycle

New Moon

The first week of the lunar cycle is called a new moon. During this phase, the moon appears almost invisible in the sky. This is a phase that holds great potential, though, because it represents a fresh beginning. The illuminated side of the moon is completely concealed and waiting to be unveiled, just like what’s in store for you this cycle. When the moon is new, it’s the best time to meditate on your goals and set your intentions for the upcoming month. Try it out with the Luna Sagrada New Moon Kit here

First Quarter Moon

In the second week, the moon is one quarter of the way through its cycle and half of its Earth-facing side is visible. This is the time to visualize and affirm your intentions. You are most likely to experience challenges in this stage of the journey, but it’s important to push through and approach your goals from every angle until you find the one that works.

Full Moon

The full moon appears in the third week of the cycle. This is when the moon’s Earth-facing side is fully illuminated and visible. Now, when the moon is at its brightest and most reflective, is the time when you stand to learn the most about yourself. The full moon reveals new truths and brings about emotional revelations, and you can benefit by opening yourself to both. The full moon phase is also a period of great strength and creativity and the Sacred Journey Full Moon Ritual kit was created to support you specifically for this time.

Third Quarter Moon

The moon’s final phase before beginning anew is the third quarter moon. As the moon completes its journey, its light slowly vanishes around the side of the moon facing away from Earth. This phase is all about release and self-reflection. The light appears to fade away as one cycle ends so that a new cycle can begin in its place. Just like the moon, this is your time to rest and prepare to start fresh again. Reflect on the successes and failures of the last month and learn something from both, then release it all and allow yourself to move forward.

There’s Power in the Moon


You can use this lunar roadmap to stay in touch with the phases of the moon and synchronize your menstrual cycle with the moon’s cycle. If your cycle is unbalancing your energy and you feel the need to realign yourself, the power of the moon can offer a path to healing.

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