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The concept of an inner child is based on the premise that beneath all your former conditioning, you remain a child-like part of yourself. The inner child is more than the way you were treated as a child; it's about the way your child-like part needs to be healed. It represents authentic personality parts that have been lost in order to fit into society.


When you learn about your inner child, you feel a new energy, you take new steps. You can let go of old patterns and develop new ways of living and treating yourself. 


You’ve probably heard about the inner child, but you might not have realized that your inner child needs some TLC. In this post I’ll teach you what it means to heal and why we all need to do it within ourselves.


It's easy to blame our feelings on the circumstances of our lives — perhaps you're not happy with your job or relationship. But all too often, many of our issues are rooted in behaviors that started when we were kids.


If you experience any of these four signs, it may be time to heal your inner child trauma:


Self sabotage

You feel completely stuck in your life. You may not understand why you keep sabotaging yourself or why you do the things you do. That’s because without awareness, the subconscious mind rules our lives and makes decisions based on false beliefs, assumptions and distorted perceptions.


You're stuck in a rut.

Sometimes we feel stuck in our lives, unable to move forward. We may feel like we've reached a dead end professionally or personally, or that we're so bogged down in our daily lives that we can't seem to focus on what really matters.  Perhaps life seems too overwhelming and the thought of making changes is unthinkable. Maybe you've been relying on the same coping mechanism since childhood because it's familiar and feels safe. Whatever the case may be, you're probably afraid to try anything new or take risks because it feels safer to stay where you are, even if it's not very good.


You have trouble connecting with others.

Do you find it difficult to get close to people? Do you find yourself constantly disappointed by your relationships? Do you have trouble trusting others? All of these problems can stem from inner child trauma. If your parents were abusive, manipulative, or otherwise untrustworthy, you may have trouble feeling safe and secure when it comes to intimacy.  It's possible your inner child is still waiting for someone to come rescue them from situations they feel incapable of handling on their own. This can lead to constantly attracting people who let you down or don't meet your needs as an adult. It can also cause isolation as you become more isolated from others and more dependent on yourself instead of other people for support.


You blame everyone else when things go wrong.

If you tend to blame others for your problems, this could be a sign that you need healing from inner child trauma. People who are wounded often feel like victims and take responsibility for nothing in their lives. They have difficulty seeing themselves as the author of their own stories and continue to play the victim, long after childhood has ended.


Do any of these sound familiar? 

Anyone who has ever tried to find themselves will tell you how tough it can be. That’s why I want to show you how connecting with your inner child and healing that child, will lead you to the version of you that you have been looking for all along.

By now you may be wondering how to identify your inner child and how to begin healing the hurt she has felt. Outlined below are 5 ways to connect with your inner child so you can move forward in life:


1. Write a letter


Allow yourself to feel into who your inner child is and write a letter answering all the questions she has for you. What does she need from you? What does she want from you? What does she need to know about you? Get creative with this and allow yourself to fully embody her. Say all the things you wish someone had told you as a child. They can be words of encouragement or advice, or even just silly notes! You can put them in envelopes and open one each week or month, depending on how many letters you write.


2. Connect through art


You don’t have to be an artist or have artistic ability, but get out some crayons, markers or paint and create something that makes you feel like a child again — doodles, pictures, stick figures and scribbles are all welcome!


3. Take a Mini Vacay


Take a trip back to your hometown and visit everyone you can find who was there when you were little—there's no better way to connect with your childhood than by visiting the people who knew you then!


4. Enjoy the Nostalgia


Spend an afternoon doing things that make you feel nostalgic about being young—whether it's thinking about what you used to do together or just imagining what life was like before technology took over every aspect of our lives, these are great ways for helping us reconnect with ourselves as children in today’s world!


5. Create a "safe place"

Find somewhere you can go whenever you feel scared or sad and need some time alone to process what's happening. This could be a designated room in your house or something like your car that serves as more of an escape pod! It should be somewhere where no one will interrupt your experience—but it doesn’t have to be secluded either; sometimes just walking away from the situation can work wonders.


If you’re having trouble finding a way to connect with your inner child, try this exercise:

Sit down in a quiet and comfortable place and close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths and begin to relax your body, starting with your toes, then move up through your feet and legs. Relax the lower part of your body, then take another deep breath and relax the upper part of the body, starting with your shoulders and working down to your head. Once you feel relaxed, picture yourself as a child—perhaps age 5 or 6—and try to remember how much fun you used to have. Remember all the things that made you happy as a kid, before you started worrying about what others thought of you or whether you were “good enough” for something. It can be hard at first to get back in touch with that part of yourself, but once you do, it should be easier to relax into it and start remembering what it was like to live in the present moment without worrying about tomorrow.


Well, there you have it.


You now know how to connect with your inner child so you can begin healing and moving forward in life again.


It's time for you to do the work.


You've got this!


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