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Heritage Apothecary x Victory Jones

As a seed must surrender to the soil to birth a tree, so must we surrender to the next stage of our journey as it unfolds before us. True surrender is transcendent- it leads to spiritual alignment and brings to fruition the manifestations of one’s heart.  It is a daily process in which we yield to the deeper versions of ourselves in order to connect with the divinity that lives within.  

The Surrender Kit is a collaboration between Heritage Apothecary + Victory Jones and serves as a toolkit for you to release all of the energetic imbalance that may cause a resistance to life’s flow; so that you can journey forth in peace, with an assuredness that you are a creator and Life conspires on your behalf to bring you to your highest potential.


  • 1 6x4” hand carved soapstone keepsake box
  • 1 4-5” Native California Rosemary wand adorned with a brass sun pendant representing the dawn of each new day as an opportunity to surrender to Love + tap into the divine power within
  • 3 handmade artisanal Palo Santo incense cones
  • 1 abalone shell
  • 1 high vibrational Rose Quartz
  • 1 high vibrational Angel Aura Clear Quartz
  • 1 oz. satin pouch of sand
  • 1 golden taper candle
  • 1 goose feather



  • ROSEMARY WAND: Believed to ward off negative energy, honor the divine feminine and welcome divine protection
  • PALO SANTO CONES: Said to invite in love and kindness when burned
  • ABALONE SHELL: A beautiful resting place for your smoldering smudge stick
  • ANGEL AURA CLEAR QUARTZ CRYSTAL: Symbolizes spiritual protection, clarity and peace
  • ROSE QUARTZ CRYSTAL: Welcomes amplified energetics of unconditional Love.  Rose quartz assists in overcoming emotional wounds + trauma and supports your enlightenment + expansion.
  • SAND: Fill your Abalone shell with this sand to control heat and catch ashes
  • TAPER CANDLE: Use this to light your rosemary wand and Palo Santo sticks
  • GOOSE FEATHER: Used to waft sacred smudge smoke throughout your space, symbolizing protection and good luck
  • GUIDED MEDITATION: written + recorded by Victory Jones, this meditation is a beautiful and inspiring tool to add to your self care arsenal. 


WHAT YOU’RE BURNING: Your kit will feature sustainably harvested Palo Santo incense cones from trees on the coasts of South America, and a richly fragrant, all-natural rosemary wand. Please note that although rosemary smoke lightens the energy of your space and smells amazing, its scent can be strong. Make sure to keep a window or two open during your ritual. Each smoke cleansing kit is packaged with recycled materials and charged with loving intention by a Certified Usui Reiki Master Practitioner. Like all of us, you can expect some flaws. Everything in our Kit (including the hand-carved box) comes from nature where small imperfections signify life, authenticity, and survival.

*The guided meditation is a digital file and will be emailed after your purchase is complete.  

Beautiful, lovingly crafted product, excellent customer service. Thank you so much!


Gorgeous, intense, intricate, feminine and I can't wait to experience all this kit has to offer. Thank you, your work is beautiful!


Even more gorgeous in person. Arrived promptly in gorgeous, eco friendly packaging. Everything arrived intact. 💛☀️


Jess was amazing at getting in touch with me and making sure the product arrived and in good condition! She is an awesome business owner and I would recommend her shop to anyone for their spiritual needs :) thank you!!