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Peach Moonstone

Heritage Apothecary

Immerse yourself in the gentle, nurturing embrace of our Raw Peach Moonstone Crystal. Celebrated for its connection to the moon and its soothing influence on emotional states, peach moonstone is a must-have for those seeking to enhance intuition, promote emotional balance, and tap into the divine feminine energy.

  • Natural and Untreated: Our Raw Peach Moonstone is presented in its pure, unpolished state, highlighting its natural beauty and potent energy.
  • Soothing Feminine Energy: Peach moonstone is renowned for its ability to soothe worry and anxiety, and for its deep connection to the moon's healing and calming energies.
  • Enhancer of Intuition: This crystal is believed to awaken the inner goddess, enhancing intuition and psychic perception, particularly in matters related to love and relationships.
  • Emotional Healing: Known for its gentle healing properties, peach moonstone supports the heart by soothing emotional stress and promoting a calm, balanced emotional state.
  • Harmonizes Feminine Energies: It's particularly supportive for women, aligning one's natural rhythms with the lunar cycle, and is beneficial for love, conception, and pregnancy.
  • Promotes Positive Perception: The gentle, loving energies of this crystal encourage a more positive outlook on life, enhancing empathy towards oneself and others.

Product Specifications:

  • Dimensions: Sizes vary, most are between 2-3" x 2-3"
  • Color: Deep peach to warm beige, each piece with unique color variations and shimmer
  • Origin: Ethically sourced to ensure sustainability and respect for environmental and cultural practices


  • Meditation and Healing: Hold during meditation to deepen emotional healing and enhance spiritual insight.
  • Home Decor: Place in your living space to create a calming atmosphere and bring beauty to your environment.
  • Energy Practices: Use in reiki, crystal healing sessions, or place on an altar to harmonize energy flows.

Peach Moonstone
Beautiful, lovingly crafted product, excellent customer service. Thank you so much!


Gorgeous, intense, intricate, feminine and I can't wait to experience all this kit has to offer. Thank you, your work is beautiful!


Even more gorgeous in person. Arrived promptly in gorgeous, eco friendly packaging. Everything arrived intact. 💛☀️


Jess was amazing at getting in touch with me and making sure the product arrived and in good condition! She is an awesome business owner and I would recommend her shop to anyone for their spiritual needs :) thank you!!