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Chinese Lantern (Abutilon) Plant

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Known for its distinctive, brightly colored bell-shaped flowers that resemble paper lanterns, this plant not only captivates the eye but also holds a deep spiritual significance, making it a precious addition to any metaphysical practitioner’s garden or sacred space. The Chinese Lantern Abutilon is not just a visual treat; its flowers are known to change color as they age, often transitioning through shades of orange, red, and even purplish, adding a dynamic element to its display.

Key Features:

  • Vibrant Growth: Our healthy, robust rooted cuttings ensure a fast start in your garden or indoor pot, blooming into vibrant lanterns that can brighten any environment.
  • Easy Care: Thriving in partial shade to full sun and requiring minimal maintenance, the Chinese Lantern Abutilon is perfect for both novice and experienced gardeners.
  • Year-Round Beauty: This perennial offers year-round visual interest with its lantern-like blooms and attractive foliage.

Spiritual and Metaphysical Benefits:

  • Symbol of Protection: The unique lantern shape of its flowers is believed to act as spiritual protectors, guarding against negative energies and fostering a safe, sacred environment.
  • Enhances Creativity and Inspiration: The bright, cheerful appearance of the Chinese Lantern Abutilon stimulates creativity and can inspire joy and innovation in artistic or spiritual work.
  • Attracts Positive Energies: It’s said that this plant attracts fae and good spirits, making it a wonderful addition to any garden meant for meditation or spiritual reflection.

Product Specifications:

  • Plant Type: Perennial
  • Size: Cuttings are approximately 5-7 inches long
  • Care Instructions: Prefers well-draining soil and moderate watering; detailed care guide included.

Packaging: Each rooted cutting is carefully packaged with protective material to ensure it arrives in excellent condition, complete with a detailed planting and care guide.  The rooted cuttings do not yet have flowers.


  • Decorative Appeal: Ideal for patios, balconies, or indoor settings where its dramatic flowers can be displayed prominently.
  • Spiritual Practices: Perfect for creating a protective aura around homes or spiritual spaces.
  • Gift Idea: An excellent gift for those who appreciate unique plants with both aesthetic and spiritual qualities.

Step into a world of color and spirituality with the Chinese Lantern Abutilon. Add this magical plant to your collection today and start experiencing the joy and protection it brings!

Chinese Lantern (Abutilon) Plant
Chinese Lantern (Abutilon) Plant
Beautiful, lovingly crafted product, excellent customer service. Thank you so much!


Gorgeous, intense, intricate, feminine and I can't wait to experience all this kit has to offer. Thank you, your work is beautiful!


Even more gorgeous in person. Arrived promptly in gorgeous, eco friendly packaging. Everything arrived intact. 💛☀️


Jess was amazing at getting in touch with me and making sure the product arrived and in good condition! She is an awesome business owner and I would recommend her shop to anyone for their spiritual needs :) thank you!!