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Sweet Black Bell Pepper Seeds

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Black bell peppers, a stunning and unusual variant of the classic bell pepper, captivate with their deep, almost dark chocolate-like color as they ripen, adding an unexpected twist to traditional garden hues. Black bell peppers are not only visually striking but are also packed with higher concentrations of antioxidants compared to their red, yellow, and green counterparts, offering exceptional health benefits. They undergo a unique ripening process, starting green and gradually darkening, which enhances their sweetness and nutritional content, particularly in vitamins A and C. Interestingly, black bell peppers have also been found to contain anthocyanins, the same powerful pigments that give blueberries their renowned health properties, making these peppers a superfood in their own right.


Harvest Rich Flavor and Health with Sweet Black Bell Pepper Seeds: Cultivate Taste, Nutrition, and Versatility

  • Savor the Sweetness: Planting Sweet Black Bell Pepper seeds rewards you with a bounty of uniquely colored, sweet-flavored peppers that enhance the taste and visual appeal of any culinary dish.
  • Boost Your Nutritional Intake: These peppers are not just delicious; they're also loaded with vitamins A and C, antioxidants, and other nutrients that support immune health and overall wellness.
  • Enhance Your Gardening Experience: Sweet Black Bell Peppers are known for their ease of growth and high yield, making them a perfect addition to both novice and experienced gardeners' vegetable patches.


Black bell peppers start green and gradually darken as they mature, providing a striking visual transition in the garden that culminates in a rich, almost chocolatey hue when fully ripe.

These are heirloom, non-gmo seeds.

Sweet Black Bell Pepper Seeds
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