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Palo Trio

Heritage Apothecary

P A L O    T R I O

Palo santo incense sticks, cones and sacred sal tree rope incense work in synergy to heal energetic imbalances and call forth creativity, blessings and alignment.

The rope incense is created from all natural Sal tree resin crushed and wrapped in special rice paper.  The Sal resin originates from a time honored tree, held special in Ayurvedic and Hindu tradition.  It is believed that the Sal tree was Buddha’s favorite.  The scent of sal resin is very complex- sharp, evergreen, with notes of musk and spice.

Palo Santo is distantly related to frankincense, myrrh and copal trees. It is a potent energy cleanser, reverently referred to as "Holy Wood".  Palo Santo provides a bright, uplifting scent that will fill your space as it banishes bad vibes.

Our Palo Santo is conscientiously sourced from a family owned business in Ecuador that only harvests the fallen branches of mature trees.

What's Included: 3 sticks of handcarved Palo Santo

4 Palo Santo incense cones 

10 sal resin incense ropes  

-minimal packaging

Beautiful, lovingly crafted product, excellent customer service. Thank you so much!


Gorgeous, intense, intricate, feminine and I can't wait to experience all this kit has to offer. Thank you, your work is beautiful!


Even more gorgeous in person. Arrived promptly in gorgeous, eco friendly packaging. Everything arrived intact. 💛☀️


Jess was amazing at getting in touch with me and making sure the product arrived and in good condition! She is an awesome business owner and I would recommend her shop to anyone for their spiritual needs :) thank you!!