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For decades, scientists have tried to understand the neurobiological mechanism responsible for people's spiritual awakening. Despite their best efforts, there hasn't been much success in this regard.


However, one study from 2019 was able to shed some light on the matter. Researchers from Oxford, Yale, and Columbia universities wanted to see what happens inside our brains when we have a spiritual experience.


They recruited 27 young adults from Connecticut. They were first asked to remember their spiritual experiences. According to the researchers, this was done to build their imagery script. They were also asked to recount some stressful and peaceful moments in their life.


Then, after a week, the researchers took MRI scans of the participants while they were made to listen to a recording of a female voice which recounted their experiences back to them. In the scans, it was revealed that all of the volunteers exhibited the same neurological pattern.


In all of the participants' brains, there was increased activity in the parietal cortex (which means they had increased attention) and decreased activity in the left inferior parietal lobe (which is responsible for self-awareness and awareness of other people).


This would make perfect sense to anybody who has gone through a spiritual experience or had a spiritual awakening. During such experiences, a person completely loses track of themselves or the people around them and enters an almost trance-like state. But the amazing part is that they are fully attentive to one thing. It could be a thought, an emotion, a higher force, a memory, their breath, or anything else.


This also matches perfectly with what stories of spiritually enlightened people suggest. According to them, during a spiritual awakening or enlightenment, they achieve a transcended state where they essentially feel as though they have merged with the divine. It is a state where you truly feel one with everything.


Suffice it to say, this is something that should be explored further. It could open up a whole new dimension for scientific study.

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